Radio advert - ‘Your Right Lung’


This advert, featuring a man, highlights the importance of being aware of, and not ignoring a cough if you have had it for more than three weeks. 

Man’s voice:

It’s me. Your right lung. 

Just… hear me out.

That cough you’ve got - you’ve had it for more than three weeks now.

I really think you should see someone.

I know it might be nothing.

But it could be something.

Like, well…. lung cancer.

The thing is, if it's diagnosed early there's a better chance of treating it.

Did you know that? 

… did you? 

… hello?

Woman’s voice:

Listen to your body. If you’ve had a cough for more than three weeks, talk to your GP. They want to see you.

Be cancer aware. Get checked early.

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