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Spoken by Dr Colum Farrelly, GP

As we get older, our bodies change naturally.

But the risk of cancer increases with age too.1

So if you notice any unexplained changes to your body, such as lumps or bleeding, your GP wants to see you.

The earlier you find cancer, the easier it is to treat. And twice as many people in the UK survive cancer compared to 40 years ago.2

Ah, come in. (Dr Farrelly speaking to patient)

It could be nothing, but you won’t know until you let us check.

What can I do for you today? (Dr Farrelly speaking to patient)

Be cancer aware. Get checked early.


1 Source: NI Cancer Registry: Cancer incidence by age, 2008–2012
2 Source: Averaged across all cancer types and sexes combined. The Lancet: Trends in 10 year cancer survival, England and Wales 1971-2011